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Physicians - FAQ

How do I get started with recommending these products to my patients?

It’s easy. Please review the 3-minute presentation by clicking on “Join PPN” under US Healthcare Professionals section of this website.

Is this product approved by the FDA?

As these products are therapeutic nutraceuticals, or herbal supplements, they are not subject to FDA approval like the approval needed for pharmaceutical drugs. Our products and herbal and dietary supplements in general are regulated under the federal act called DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act), passed in 1994, under the oversight of the FDA.

You can find more information on DHSEA and other relevant and related information on the FDA’s Web site at

Are these products available over the counter or in pharmacies?

These products are only available by mail-order from the Company. Physicians in the US who are registered as provider under the PreEmptive Provider Network™ (PPN) can recommend products to their patients and the product is ordered via a simple order form. The product ships directly to the patient from the Company.

After a PMI product has been used and proven effective in thousands of patients as recommended by hundreds of physicians here in the US the company makes that product available to the public via direct on-line ordering. The company has set the time frame for satisfactorily proving a product’s efficacy at approximately one and a half years.

After this criterion is met, a patient can order the product safely and securely by simply going to and following the simple and user friendly procedure clearly spelled out on the web site. The product will then be shipped directly to the patient’s home via UPS within about 5 business days.

If you are a physician in the US and agree that the benefits of PMI’s formulations would be valuable to you and your patients, we ask you to consider enrolling in the PPN. This way, we can make sure you, your staff, and your patients can take full advantage of the benefits these products have to offer.

How much product is included in each order?

All our products are dispensed in 3-month supplies. Once an initial order is placed, the product will be automatically refilled every 3 months by mail order. All of our products are dosed twice-daily. This is an important condition for optimal efficacy and patients should take the products as per the instructions on the bottle.

What is the cost of PMI products?

The BASIC products cost approx. $9 per week.
The PLUS products cost approx. $11 per week.

Though we ship a 3-month supply at a time, to make it more convenient for patients and also to help save on shipping costs, PMI utilizes a convenient payment plan of equal monthly payments of only $42.95 for base products and $49.95 for plus products. These three monthly payments will be automatically charged to the patient’s credit or debit card of choice.

The patient will also incur a ONE TIME shipping and handling charge of $14.95 per 3-month supply. However, by placing an order on-line, or by fax from the doctor’s office, a $10 discount is given by the company and this discount stays in effect for as long as the patient stays on the product. So, in essence, the shipping and handling fee is only $4.95 per 3-month supply! ($14.95 minus $10) PMI accepts VISA, MasterCard and American Express.

What is the Cancellation and Returns Policy?

The PMI product will be automatically delivered to the customer/patinet every 3 months in order to help facilitate compliance with their treatment regimen. IF the customer/patient wishes to cancel their initial order for no charge you must call 1-888-PRE-MED-1 (1-888-773-6331) within 24 hours of placing the order.

To cancel AUTOMATIC 3 MONTH SHIPMENTS of the product, the customer/patient must call 1-888-PRE-MED-1 (1-888-773-6331) at least 5 days before the end of the current 3-month cycle


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Doctor Recommends
Doctor Recommends

Hundreds of physicians in the US have successfully used these clinically - proven, all - natural therapeutic formulations in tens of thousands of patients.


I am 48 years old and like most others my age, I was increasingly concerned about my rising cholesterol level. I was skeptical about using an herbal product as treatment but after hearing about PreLipid I gave it a try, and the results speak for themselves!

When I got tested, my high cholesterol levels were a shock and a real wake up call for me. I did not want to take a prescription drug fearing that it would interact negatively with what I was already taking. I found out about PreLipid from a friend and now my cholesterol is back in a normal range.

I dropped my cholesterol level 30 points in just three months. What more can I say - the secret is out! I strongly recommend PreLipid to anybody that is serious about their health.

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Pre-disease or early disease is when we have a real opportunity to reduce the burden of chronic disease through evidence-based botanical therapeutic formulations. I believe that this is also the place that many botanical remedies will prove to have the most impact because of their milder, yet optimal therapeutic effects and a almost non-existent side effect profile.

Tieraona Low Dog
MD, Director of Education for the Program in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona

I’ve recommended PMI’s products with very good results for almost a year now. As people of science, we’re trained to look at evidence and only use therapies that are proven to be effective, and safe

Edward Laub
MD. Princeton, NJ

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