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Patients - FAQ

Are the products available over the counter or in pharmacies?

Products are only available by mail order from PreEmptive Meds, Inc.

Would the order be for a monthly supply?

Each order or shipment is a 3-month supply. Each package will contain 3 bottles of 62 capsules each for TWICE-DAILY dosing.You can see an image of the PreLipid ® package, as an example of the BASIC product below:

What is the cost?

The cost of your good health is about $9 per week. Though we ship our products in 3-month supplies, to make it more convenient and also to help save on shipping costs, we offer convenient payment plans of equal monthly payments of $42.95 for BASIC products and equal monthly payments of $49.95 for PLUS products.

Do you accept any other mode of payment apart from credit cards?

Yes. Current methods of payment can be either by credit card or by debit card connected to a checking account. These payment methods expedite the shipments and give you the convenience of quicker and on-time deliveries. The product will be delivered within 5-business days of placing your order.

How can I get reimbursed for the product cost?

Check with your Employer if you have an FSA. A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is one of a number of tax-advantaged accounts that is usually set up through a cafeteria plan by an employer in the United States. An FSA allows an employee to aside a portion of his or her earnings to pay for qualified expenses as established in the cafeteria plan, most commonly medical expenses, including paying for preventing diseases as well as dietary supplements, which are being recommended by physicians and for specific disease conditions.

The plan allows for reimbursement of out-of-pocket health expenses from money deducted from an employee’s pay check before federal, state and FICA taxes are deducted. Other common terms are HSA (Health Savings Account) and HCRA (Healthcare Reimbursement Account). This program allows for substantial tax savings, thereby paying for the product from those savings

Most US employers allow employees to participate in an FSA type plan and usually allow up to $4000 per year. Some Employers also contribute into the FSA plans.

How PreEmptive Meds (PMI) helps with facilitating getting reimbursed from your FSA account?

PMI will provide you the receipt of your order, a copy of which should be submitted along with the FSA claim form. You can call our toll-free customer service number (24/7) OR email us at and request a receipt. The receipt will be mailed to you and will explain the disease or pre-disease state the product is used for

If your order is from your Physician, then the carbon copy of the Physician Order, which was given to you at the doctor’s office (yellow color form) will suffice in most cases as the receipt

Claim forms will be available with your Employer or FSA administrator. You should contact your Benefits or Human Resources Department for the forms

How long do I need to take it?

Generally, as this is a therapeutic dietary supplement, which helps you to lower the risk of developing serious, chronic disease, it is recommended that the product be taken once a day on a regular basis, along with maintaining lifestyle modifications.

How can I cancel my order?

Your PMI product will be automatically delivered to you every 3 months in order to help facilitate compliance with your treatment regimen. IF YOU WISH TO CANCEL your initial order at no charge you must call 1-888-PRE-MED-1 (1-888-773-6331) within 24 hours of placing your order.***

TO CANCEL THE AUTOMATIC 3 MONTH SHIPMENTS of your product, you must call 1-888-PRE-MED-1 (1-888-773-6331) at least 5 days before the end of the current 3-month cycle.

Are there any side effects with these products?

To the best of our knowledge, there are no known side effects and, at recommended doses, no known drug interactions with any prescriptions. Our products are all-natural plant-based supplements; they work to reestablish the normal balance within your body to protect your body and your health.

Is it safe to take with my other medications?

Please check with your recommending physician or health care provider about other medications you may be taking. However, to the best of our knowledge and experience in the US, there are no known side effects and no known drug interactions with any prescriptions you may be taking. Our products are all-natural herbal supplements; they work to reestablish the normal balance within your body to protect your body and your health.

Generally speaking, our herbal supplements and their natural plant chemicals act in ways to help your body self-heal, and they act over a period of time. The all-natural ingredients were tested and have been found effective in the pre-disease stage. There is no better or safer way to protect your body and your health.

What if I forget to take it on a particular day?

You can take 2 the next day.

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Doctor Recommends
Doctor Recommends

Hundreds of physicians in the US have successfully used these clinically - proven, all - natural therapeutic formulations in tens of thousands of patients.


I am 48 years old and like most others my age, I was increasingly concerned about my rising cholesterol level. I was skeptical about using an herbal product as treatment but after hearing about PreLipid I gave it a try, and the results speak for themselves!

When I got tested, my high cholesterol levels were a shock and a real wake up call for me. I did not want to take a prescription drug fearing that it would interact negatively with what I was already taking. I found out about PreLipid from a friend and now my cholesterol is back in a normal range.

I dropped my cholesterol level 30 points in just three months. What more can I say - the secret is out! I strongly recommend PreLipid to anybody that is serious about their health.

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Pre-disease or early disease is when we have a real opportunity to reduce the burden of chronic disease through evidence-based botanical therapeutic formulations. I believe that this is also the place that many botanical remedies will prove to have the most impact because of their milder, yet optimal therapeutic effects and a almost non-existent side effect profile.

Tieraona Low Dog
MD, Director of Education for the Program in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona

I’ve recommended PMI’s products with very good results for almost a year now. As people of science, we’re trained to look at evidence and only use therapies that are proven to be effective, and safe

Edward Laub
MD. Princeton, NJ

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