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“Having a family history of high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease, my doctor had been diligent with testing my cholesterol levels for some years. My over all number was good for many years despite my good cholesterol being a bit low. However, post menopause, my cholesterol began to increase rather rapidly. My doctor recommended that I on a drug called a statin (Zocor) to lower my cholesterol. I took the medicine for about a month and before I could even go back in for my next blood test I was suffering from severe joint and muscle pain. As these symptoms progressed, I immediately went back to my doctor and he determined that the pain was directly attributable to the statin. I was worried and not aware of any options. Then my doctor recommended an all natural plant based therapeutic option called PreLipid. I was glad to give it a try. No w I won’t go without it. Once on the PreLipid (and off the Statin), my symptoms immediately subsided and eventually stopped all together. At my 3 month blood test, both my doctor and I were happy to see that my overall cholesterol had dropped 41 points, putting me back into a normal range of cholesterol for a person my age. I never knew there were such effective natural options available. I’m so glad my doctor knew about PreLipid and I’ve told many of my friends, family and colleagues about these terrific results.”

Lisa C. 56 – Bank Executive


“Being a former high school and college athlete, I had always considered myself to be in pretty good shape, even after sports were done and I had moved on to family life and my career. I was shocked when at the age 41 my doctor told ne I had borderline or “pre-diabetes” and had been determined by a routine blood test. I knew I wouldn’t really stick to a diet and exercise plan and asked my doctor if there was some thing non-pharmaceutical I could take to help my situation. He recommended twice daily PreCrea and boy am I glad he did. Within 3 months, my fasting blood sugar had dropped from 125 to 94, putting me back into the “normal “ range for this test. My A1C had dropped from 5.3 to 5.7 and as an added bonus, I had lost about 17 pounds. I have been able to maintain these results while experiencing no side effects and not having to worry about any interactions with my other meds,. I’m very thankful that my doctor recommended PreCrea for me. I feel better than I have in years!!”

Damien C. 43 – Sales


“Having spent my whole life doing physical work and depending on my health to provide my living, I always worked hard and thought I was in great physical condition.  I was floored when my doctor told me that I had high blood sugar AND high cholesterol.  It seemed to have come out of nowhere.  I had read over the past several years about the sometimes debilitating side effects of pharmaceutical products and really was not interested in going that direction.,  Not knowing that there might be other options, I asked my doctor if he knew of anything that might help me. Of course he said diet and exercise but then he also mentioned that he had gotten great results for both conditions using all natural alternative products called PreCrea, for pre-diabetes and diabetes, and PreLipid , for pre-cardiovascular disease and high cholesterol.  I went on both products that day not really knowing what to expect.  I was diligent about my twice daily dosing and after three months went back to my doctor to get my follow up blood work done.  Boy was I surprised and happy.  All of my blood sugar parameters come back down into the normal range, with my fasting blood sugar dropping 27 points and my A1C dropping .6, AND my cholesterol reading improved across the board too.  I am happy to be taking these natural products that cause no side effects to me personally, but also find them to be very affordable when compared to my other options and having to pay co-pays for those pharmaceutical products.  I’ll always be thankful to my doctor for recommending that I go on PreCrea and PreLipid to help keep me healthy and working!”

Hector G. 52 – Construction Foreman


“I was absolutely miserable and couldn’t figure out why.  My hormones seemed to be raging.  I was short of temper, suffering hot flashes and worst of all were my night sweats.  When I spoke to my doctor about these and other symptoms, she said I was “perimenopausal” or entering into menopause.  Knowing many women my age, and being a nurse, all that I was aware of to help with these symptoms was hormone replacement therapy, which I wasn’t to keen on, having heard of the many possible long term side effects associated with these therapies.  I asked my doctor if there were any alternatives to HRT to which she surprisingly said yes!  She recommended an all natural plant based product called PreMenora which she said had worked wonders for many of her perimenopausal patients.  The cost was very affordable and frankly I would’ve paid anything for symptom relief.  Well, I tried the PreMenora, taking it twice daily as directed, and within 3 weeks I felt like a brand new person.  Not to sound over the top, but PreMenora was literally life altering for me, and for many others that I’ve spoken to at the doctor’s office.  My mood swings stopped, I was happy again, my hot flashes and night sweats were gone, and I was even enjoying some private time again with my husband.  I would highly recommend that any woman suffering from perimenopause and its symptoms give PreMenora a try.  You’ve got nothing to lose…and EVERYTHING to gain!!”

Deborah R. 58 – Nurse

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Doctor Recommends
Doctor Recommends

Hundreds of physicians in the US have successfully used these clinically - proven, all - natural therapeutic formulations in tens of thousands of patients.


I am 48 years old and like most others my age, I was increasingly concerned about my rising cholesterol level. I was skeptical about using an herbal product as treatment but after hearing about PreLipid I gave it a try, and the results speak for themselves!

When I got tested, my high cholesterol levels were a shock and a real wake up call for me. I did not want to take a prescription drug fearing that it would interact negatively with what I was already taking. I found out about PreLipid from a friend and now my cholesterol is back in a normal range.

I dropped my cholesterol level 30 points in just three months. What more can I say - the secret is out! I strongly recommend PreLipid to anybody that is serious about their health.

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Pre-disease or early disease is when we have a real opportunity to reduce the burden of chronic disease through evidence-based botanical therapeutic formulations. I believe that this is also the place that many botanical remedies will prove to have the most impact because of their milder, yet optimal therapeutic effects and a almost non-existent side effect profile.

Tieraona Low Dog
MD, Director of Education for the Program in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona

I’ve recommended PMI’s products with very good results for almost a year now. As people of science, we’re trained to look at evidence and only use therapies that are proven to be effective, and safe

Edward Laub
MD. Princeton, NJ

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